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Welcome to IPM Software. We know that you are busy and your  visit here  indicates that you must be looking for a software solution for your business.

You may be thinking, What do programmers know about managing a business, any business especially an automotive repair shop?  In our office we have 100 years of combined experience as owners, managers, parts managers and technicians. We also depend extensively on suggestions submitted by the owners, managers, technicians and office staff that use our products on a daily basis for guidance in the development of features to add to our products. 

Many owners and managers from non-automotive industries have found our program during their search for an integrated solution to their software needs. Many have told us that they had not been able to find such a solution elsewhere or if they had found industry specific software the pricing was often prohibitive. 

The question of the quality of support might also come to mind. Will these guys be able to help me when I have a problem? Support is available for setup, customizations and program use generally for about 12 hours a day Mon-Fri. When necessary, long distance support problems are handled by using Net meeting or PCAnywhere for "e house calls". 

If you want to try us and see if we do what we say, call us at 910-367-5430.

The original program was written in 1982 to meet the needs of handling special orders in a busy service department and has been continually updated and improved since then. The Shop Manager Series specializes in automotive/repair shop applications. The Enterprise Series is more sophisticated, with custom and semi-custom modules for cross industry applications. We can empathize with your business management software problems and feel that our software may offer a solution for you. 

Our goal is to listen to our customers and improve our software based on their input, with the ultimate endpoint being software that is sophisticated, yet simple. We attribute the  past success of our company to the thousands of shop owners who have helped, and continue to help us to improve our software with their suggestions.

If any of the following applies to your shop we feel DealerTrax Shop Manager could be a great asset to your business.

  • Do you wonder on a day to day basis what is the profitability  of that days productivity?

  • What operations are the profit centers of your business?

  • Is the productivity of each of your techs on a per job basis something you don't have a handle on?

  • Where did each and every part your vendors billed your for go? What was your profit and margin of profit on each?

  • Does managing your receivables and sending monthly statements seem  to be a recurring problem? 

  • Can you easily do marketing to your customers based on mileage or days passed since last service?

  • Do you need more power and flexibility than your current software provides?

There a wide choice of shop management systems available and even more for accounting. Even though our programs keep accurate financial records they are not accounting programs, but are management programs. We integrate with QuickBooks  or Peachtree. Integrations to other accounting programs can be implemented. Our export feature can export the complete work order, customer details, parts and labor details (including costs) to them. Your payables can also be exported if you are using Shop Manager Professional or one of the Enterprise Series programs.

Help is available, beginning with the initial demo setup. Give us a call. We would like to hear from you. Even if you decide to go with another program, we would like to know why? We strive to provide the best product and the best service/support.


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Yes, all our software is 32Bit, written using Microsoft Visual Studio and they all run extremely well on Microsoft Xp and the new Microsoft Vista(c)!

You can contact us at  910-367-5430 or send email to sales@ipmsoftware.com

Opportunities are available for Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States to represent our products. Apply with  our Online Form and we will contact you.

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Our WorldPac Interface is shipping. 

Our ARI PartSmart Interface is Shipping.


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Shop Manager Auto-Pilot

Auto Sales Manager Pro

Sales Manager Pro  provides a complete management solution for an automotive sales business. integrating fully with any of the Shop Manager Series programs. This program contains inventory management, prospect, customer management, everything necessary to do on the lot financing, bank financing, deal recaps including printing widow stickers, warranty disclaimers, finance contracts and all required state forms. Management and custom reports are available. We have added new features, like web page builders for your inventory and auto posters to Ebay. 

View Our Sales Manager Presentation

We can provide your company with computer systems, and a variety of PC, Palm and CE based automotive diagnostic software and hardware solutions including wireless systems and shop bay workstations.

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