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EASE  WIN CE/Pocket PC Scan Tool

Unleash the power of EASE with the most comprehensive WIN CE/Pocket PC Scan Tools in the world. These tools work on the popular WIN CE/Pocket PC hand held devices and scan OBD II diagnostic data on 1996 and newer passenger vehicles.

Windows CE/Pocket PC personal digital assistants (PDA) are quickly becoming the "next generation" of personal computing tools. These hand held platforms provide the ultimate in convenience, freedom, flexibility and affordability.

Technicians can use their WIN CE/Pocket PC Scan Tool to quickly diagnose and fix vehicle problems. They can view live data in grid, graph or meter format in the palm of their hand. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) can be viewed and cleared.

WIN CE/Pocket PC Scan Tools are perfect for busy shops. As soon as the vehicle arrives, the EASE Scan Tool can be used to get a quick analysis of the vehicle. The software's simple menus, toolbars and touch screens put features at your fingertips and make screen navigation a snap. With all these features in a compact format, you have the power you need to get a complete diagnostic picture.

The PDA platform puts the EASE software into a small, compact, and convenient form. Compact size and long battery life make it easy to take on the road. Hand held units can be carried anywhere with ease. Technicians can take these powerful Scan Tools with them wherever they go!!

Use the WIN CE/Pocket PC Scan Tool to record and playback vehicle data. Make and save as many recordings as you like. During playback, the recording can be paused, reversed, and scrolled through frame-by-frame. Recordings can be imported into the EASE PC Scan Tool. Using the PC Scan Tool software, imported recordings can be played back, exported as text (ASCII) files or as EASE Scan Tool recordings so they can be shared with other users


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